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My Name is Elizabeth Saltzman.


My Story

I have been working in the education field for over 20 years and have a deep passion for it. I've worked with students from all walks of life, from those with severe disabilities to others in regular classrooms. I’ve worked with students ranging in age from 1 year olds who needed some early intervention to 21 year olds who needed help building their self confidence, in order to effectively transition into the work force. I have also worked as a special education teacher, as a speech therapist and as a mom of 6. 


I have witnessed first hand the pros and cons of both the public and private education systems. I have also witnessed the harmful impact inflicted by some teachers and how parents and important others have been able to step in and help fill these gaps again. 


With my extensive experience both personally and professionally, I developed this book. It was initially developed for one of my own children who was placed in an inappropriate classroom setting. She became a very unhappy and negative person and I knew that this wasn't who she really was. She was always my ray of sunshine and I wanted to help her get that back. With this in mind, my husband and I did extensive research on positive psychology and after years of trials, errors and data collection we found what practices lead to the most beneficial outcomes and a happy child! 


My deepest and most sincere wish is that no one has to go through these same experiences just to learn such precious information. So, I want to share it with as many parents as I can and give them the opportunity and ability to ‘train their child.’


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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